Thursday, November 3, 2016

EDIUS 7.5 for PC 64 bit Free Download

GrassValley EDIUS Pro 7.5 x64 Download for New Generation. EDIUS Pro 7.5 is the Best and most popular Video Editing Software for 6 generations all genes Video Editor. You can download free This Application without Any Suffer for your Windows/PC operating systems. This Application’s Compatibility Architecture is (x64) 64bit.

EDIUS 7.5 Description: EDIUS Pro 7.5 is the best and most flexible real-time editing software - 4K, HD, 3D, SD and about any format from 24x24 to 4Kx2K, all on the same timeline, even in nested sequence, all in real-time. EDIUS Pro 7.5 gives you the facility to handle more resolution, limitless tracks and real-time editing for the skill to Edit All, Everyplace. EDIUS Pro 7.5 is the excessive final tool for the studio, news, business, documentary and 4K dramatic production. And now EDIUS has partnered with Blackmagic Design to carry its PCIe Decklink 4K severe and Thunderbolt built Excessive Studio 4K capture and repetition devices for the most within your means 4K workflows. EDIUS Pro 7.5 also supports AAF project import/export color adjustment swap with Deviance resolution for a new color grading workflow. When an editor has to wait for knowledge, originality suffers. That doesn’t turn out with EDIUS 7. EDIUS 7.5 means more resolution, limitless tracks and real-time editing for the facility to edit everything, anywhere. 

With versions for the professional objective user (EDIUS Pro 7.5) and for editors working within networked connected production infrastructures (EDIUS 7), EDIUS 7.5 is the great finishing tool for air news, newsmagazine satisfied and studio programs, as well as managerial, documentary and 4K dramatic productions. With more original option and real-time, no-render editing of all accepted SD and HD formats, EDIUS 7 is the most adaptable and best nonlinear editing software available. EDIUS 7 takes full improvement today’s x64bit total technology to agree faster and another unusual editing. Real-time editing of many formats on the same timeline-including 4K-unlimited media tracks and real-time change of outline rates on the same timeline mean that editors can edit earlier... and be more original. The EDIUS Elite 7.5 systemized version of EDIUS 7.5 include components such as a project List plug-in to assimilate the GV STRATUS Video Production & Content Organization System with multiple newsroom computer systems.
More Formats, improved Workflows:
EDIUS 7 is perfect for file-based and tape-based workflows. EDIUS 7.5 include subject carry for many special file formats, such as Sony’s XD CAM, Panasonic’s P-2 Ikegami's GF, RED, as fine as Canon’s XF and EOS movie format. Plus, EDIUS 7.5 supports the latest file formats, plus Sony’s XAVC (Intra/Long GOP)/XAVC S, Panasonic's-AV-C-Ultra, Panasonic plus Sony AVCHD 2.0, & Canon’s-1D-C M-JPEG. EDIUS 7.5 also supports, by means of IEEE 1394 (FireWire) or USB, capture from tape plans such as DV and HDV.
More Hardware and Software Choice:
Grass Valley, a Belden Brand, has open EDIUS 7.5 up to more hardware and software option from third-parties so that users can modify the system that’s exactly for them.

EDIUS 7 for PC x64 Features:

Better 4K workflow, counting support for Black Magic Design’s Deck Link 4K great, especially Studio 4K AJA KONA 3G (preview only) and EDL or AAF import/export by means of Grass Valley HQX with press forward Resolve 11Includes 
  • Grass Valley HQX halfway codec for fluid 10-bit, 4:2:2 editing with alpha canal support 
  • Supports third-party I/O hardware from Black magic drawing, Matrix, and AJA 
  • Edit media files with special resolution- from 24x24 to 4Kx2K. Real-time change of border rates on the same timeline deliver well-organized editing into the hands of editors 
  • Fast, supple user border, counting limitless video, audio, title and graphics track
System Requirements:-
OS: Windows7, x64-bit (Service-Pack 1 or later) Windows 8, 8.1 x64-bit
Note: See Memory fragment under for animal memory limits of each OS.

CPU: Any Intel Core2 otherwise Core iX CPU. Intel or AMD solo core CPU among a3 GHz central processing unit speed or faster (multiple CPUs and/or multicourse CPUs are optional). SSSE3 (complementary SSE3) teaching set support required
1 GB RAM least (4 GB or more optional)
Necessities for RAM and video memory vary depending on the development system. For SD/HD projects: 4 GB or more RAM optional. For 4K projects: 16 GB or more RAM optional
  • Windows-8/8.1, venture and Professional, 64-bit: 512 GB 
  • Windows-8/8.1, 64bit, 128 GB 
  • Windows-7, ultimate, venture, and Professional, 64-bit: 192 GB 
  • Windows-7, Home best, 64-bit-16 GB (not optional for compound 4K projects) 
  • Windows-7, Home essential, 64-bit-8 GB (not obligatory for project with more than HD motion)
Graphics Card:
  • Behind senior motion than 1024x768 32-bit. Direct3D9.0c or afterward and Pixel Shadier Model 3.0 or later is required 
  • Supplies for video memory size at what time using GPUfx will differ depending on the plan format. For 10-bit SD projects: 1 GB or more optional, for HD/4K projects 2 GB or more optional 
  • Note: Requirements used for video memory vary depending on the project format. Make out Memory fragment above for details.
Hard Disk:
* 6 GB of hard disk space is necessary for system
* Drive through ATA100/7,200 RPM or faster is required for video storage:
# Available hard drive disc gap is supposed to be twice the size of the file to be edited
# RAID-0 is optional for HD and above decree editing

EDIUS 7.5 for PC 64-Bit Free Download

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